Tree City USA

Royalton has been a Tree City since 1995.  Our Tree Board prides themselves on keeping our community in a positively green environment.  They work very hard to help local residents keep their tree healthy.

May of 2016 the Tree Board partnered with the City of Royalton, MNDOT, and students of Royalton Y.E.S. group to do a landscape project along Minnesota Highway 10.

The Tree Board will travel throughout the city to identify dead or diseased trees for homeowners before the disease should spread to other parts of the neighborhood.

In recent years,  they have also put together an inventory of the City's trees by counting and identifying the trees in the city through a grant and help from the University of Minnesota. 

The Tree board continues to work in the gravel bed nursery.  The use of this nursery is to help young trees grow better roots before the trees are planted throughout the City.