Police Department


  For emergencies, please dial 911.


To make a police report (non-emergencies), call 320-584-5900 or Morrison County Sheriff’s Department at 320-632-9233

The Royalton Police Department is located at the Royalton City Hall (12 N Birch St)



Our mission is to help the citizens of Royalton in providing for a high quality of community life.

We do this by:

  • Protecting Life & Property - One of our conscious priorities that goes to the very heart of the reason we exist, is protecting our citizens and their property.


  • Providing Public Peace, Order and Tranquility - Police officers are licensed in the State of Minnesota as "Peace Officers".  Fundamental to why we exist, is to provide Peace and Order for the community as well as our indiviual citizens.  Officers are called upon to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations by bringing order and peace from disorder and chaos.


  • Preventing Crime - Our citizens look toward their police to help provide them a community that is a safe place to live and work.  To the greatest extent possible, we, as individuals, and we, as an organization, must be proactive in preventing crime.


  • Apprehending Criminals - The community will never be completely crime free.  And to the extent that we cannot prevent crime, our obligation to our citizens is that we will be effective, efficient, and professional in the apprehension of those who commit crimes against them. 


  • Providing for Safe Streets - Our community is almost unique in the amount of vehicular traffic that exists on our streets each day.  For this reason, all of our officers must play a role in preventing injury to people and property though regulating the orderly flow of traffic in and through our city.